Miniature Australian Bulldog Register.

Mighty Small, Mighty Tough

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We value breeding quality, loyal and loving pets, that instantly become cherished family members for life!

A quirky blending of Aussie, French, British Bulldog with Pug, with unashamedly equal elements of stealth, stubborn and mischief.  These traits will capture and delight any family dynamic.  They are unequivocally are a Mighty Small, Mighty Tough Dog.

Our History

Our initial encounter with a Miniature Australian Bulldog was over a decade ago when we were quite literally hooked at first sight as we became the proud owners of Lolly Pop Cuddly Spot aka:- Miss Bobbie, a 2nd Generation MAB.

To be honest, we were not sure which of Bobbie’s redeeming qualities drew us in; her endless wrinkles that appeared to know no boundaries, her apparently well timed sideways tilt of the head when conversing with her, the big black eyed sad expression that could melt the hardest heart, or her well placed front paws on your arm as if you had forgotten her presence.

Our little pocket rocket, Bobbie had an adaptable nature to suit the mood and activities of our family whether it be roaring around the backyard or lounging on the couch watching Sunday movies.

As corny as its sounds ‘I adore this breed so much that I bought the registry’ in September 2013 with the clear intention ofmaintaining the genetic lines as determined by Pip and Lee-Ann as early as 2001. 

I can only hope you will have as much satisfaction exploring this site looking for that ‘special MAB’ as we did all those years ago.


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The Miniature Australian
Bulldog Standard

General Appearance:
Smooth coated, thickset, small powerful build, sound and very active. 
Females not so grand as males.

Very active have a great zest for life, very intelligent, playful yet they are very loving and loyal.

Fierce in appearance but extremely affectionate in nature. This breeds happiness requires human attention. Occasionally scrappy with strange dogs.

All brindles, reds, fawns, whites, solid or pied mixes of these colours. Black not acceptable only
as a mask on the face.

Height & Weight:
Height is not to exceed 35.5cm (14 inches).
There should be an impression of substance to the size of the dog.
There is no weight limit.
The Dog should at all times be balanced.

General Comment:
The health of the Miniature Australian Bulldog is more important than their looks. Therefore this standard should be viewed as a guide not a straitjacket.

If you have any questions or need more information about our MABs please get in touch